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Empirical Research on Nexus Between Inflation and Unemployment: In the Case of Sri Lanka

Through the use of a quantitative methodology that is based on an exhaustive examination of secondary data, this study conducts an in-depth investigation of the complex link that exists between unemployment and inflation within the context of Sri Lanka's one-of-a-kind economic environment. In the course of this comprehensive research, which spans the years 1959 through 2022, a wide range of macroeconomic variables are methodically investigated with the purpose of elucidating the intricate linkages that exist between them. These convincing results of this analysis demonstrate a considerable negative association between unemployment rates and inflation, throwing light on the numerous issues that are inherent in the process of designing successful economic policies within this framework. The research strongly supports for the implementation of policy frameworks that are balanced and successfully target both job creation and price stability. This is because the study acknowledges that both are key aspects for encouraging economic growth that is both long-lasting and sustainable. It is important to emphasize that the dependence on secondary data sources has always influenced the historical emphasis, and the availability of data has thus been restricted. On the other hand, in spite of these limitations, this study makes a substantial contribution to the understanding of the complex mechanisms that drive the link between unemployment and inflation. Insights such as these serve as a solid platform for additional in-depth investigations and policy considerations that are customized to Sri Lanka's particular economic environment. This paves the way for decisions that are better informed.

Inflation, Unemployment, Sri Lanka

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Samarakoonge, P. (2024). Empirical Research on Nexus Between Inflation and Unemployment: In the Case of Sri Lanka. Economics, 13(1), 12-21.

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Samarakoonge, P. Empirical Research on Nexus Between Inflation and Unemployment: In the Case of Sri Lanka. Economics. 2024, 13(1), 12-21. doi: 10.11648/

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Samarakoonge P. Empirical Research on Nexus Between Inflation and Unemployment: In the Case of Sri Lanka. Economics. 2024;13(1):12-21. doi: 10.11648/

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